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Pacifire-Litewood   FD30 Doorblanks.


Fire resistant, solid timber core doorblanks, tested in accordance with BS476: Part 22: 1987. (Click logo to find out more).

SUPERPLEX "THE" Alternative to Birch Plywood

Possibly "The Best" alternative to Birch Plywood.

A Pioneering feat of engineering, with multi-layer construction, manufactured using 100% plantation specie from Malaysia.

TSU-01 "This Side Up" Flooring Underlayment Panel

Third party verified and manufactured to BS 8203:2017, as per Contract Flooring Association

guidelines and meets the standard as mentioned in the Contract Flooring Journal

(Issue July 6th, 2021).

Mega Marine™ : Marine Plywood to BS1088-1:2003

Third party verified compliant Marine to BS1088-1:2003 Standards

Plastform   333 MDO Formwork Plywood.

High Technology - Concrete Formwork, maximising the number of uses, minimising the cost, maximising the use of the forest. (Click logo to find out more).

Plywood And More.

Plywood And More - A selection of plywood panels and engineered wood products. (Click logo to find out more).

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