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Plastform   333 MDO Formwork Plywood.


High Technology - Concrete Formwork, maximising the number of uses, minimising the cost, maximising the use of the forest.


Plastform    333 MDO is manufactured using total quality control procedures and is tested to US product standard "PS 1-95". The glue bond is WBP and exceeds the requirements of EN314.



Plastform    333 MDO uses a heavier weight film compared to traditional panels (370gm/m2), giving a greater resistance and improved durability on site.



Plastform    333 MDO is manufactured using an engineered mixture of wood species, this allows the panel to have the highest design strength, rigidity and dimensional stability.


Plastform    333 MDO is manufactured using "Arclin 333" MDO. 333 MDO gives greater chemical resistance over other MDO's, thus increasing the number of possible uses.




The hardwood veneer beneath the surface of the 333 MDO, provides a substrate with no telegraphing of the wood grain or defects. Minami core jointing is used to minimise core voids and overlaps in the panel, ensuring the most consistent finish to the concrete.


Plastform    333 MDO is an FSC     certified product. It's made using raw material from responsibly managed and renewable forests. Giving the assurance for future generations that they will enjoy the benefits of the forest.



Table of allowable concrete pressures / span when used in soffit or general formwork design


Criterion                                             200          300          400          500          600          700

Bending Stress (fz)                           125            56          31.3           20          13.9          10.2

Deflection (Ei)                                    377          112           47           25.4          14             8.8

Planar Shear (qA)                              70             43           31.1         24.3          20             17

Allowable Pressure                           70             43           31.1          20          13.9            8.8

Modification for dry stress and moduli

Wet Exposure Condition (K36)                                      Duration Of Load (K3)

Bending Stress K36 - 0.7                                              Bending Stress K3 - 1.4

On Site Care Guidelines:

Plastform    333 MDO panels are edge sealed during manufacture. If they have to be cut during use, it is recommended that "fresh" edges are to be re-sealed to avoid localised swelling. Localised swelling is caused by rapid capillary penetration of moisture.

Use an appropriate reactive release agent, such as nox-crete for porous surfaces. The panels should be oiled twice before use and thereafter once before each subsequent use.

Although cleaning Plastform    333 MDO panels are much easier and quicker than with traditional form materials, it is important to only use fibre brushes and synthetic materials when cleaning forms. This will help prevent damage to the faces, which may occur with metallic tools.

Although Plastform    333 MDO panels are very resistant to abrasion and impact. As with any finished surface, care must be taken during cleaning and useage to prevent damage. Always use appropriate vibration equipment and techniques to protect the panel surface.




FSC    C007915


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