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Hyplex "The Next Generation of Panel Technology".

Possibly "the future" of panel products.

A Pioneering feat of engineering, the first succesful OSB core to have a hardwood face & back veneer applied. CE2+ BS EN300:2006.

The use of advanced technology means that Hyplex products are physically more stable, of better quality, flexible in size and possess increased water resistance.

The combination of experience, research and development, plus investment, further improves the manufacturing process. This results in better durability, usability and diversity in Hyplex products.

HYPLEX products are Oriented Strand Board (OSB) core based panels with an applied hardwood veneer face & back. OSB cores are engineered where rectangular wood strands are arranged in cross oriented layers and binded with resin. This "greener" option to traditional plywood, has a higher moisture resistance, higher load capacity (compared to traditional OSB's) and is customizable to different sizes, thickness' and shapes.

Over 18 years of panel exerience and more than USD 65 million has been invested in the evolution of Hyplex products. The factory has setup and established the most advanced production facility of this type in Malaysia.

Raw material is sourced under the Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) standards. This high density hardwood raw material is much stronger than traditional softwood material used by European producers. This leads to a more durable OSB.

Due to the nature of Hyplex's engineered construction, this gives the panels a structural performance and panel consistency that is comparable to plywood. Furthermore the cost of production for Hyplex is more competitve to traditional panels, making it more affordable product compared to traditional hardwood plywood and a more attractive building material compared to traditional OSB.

The benefits of Hyplex:




Resistance to moisture

Structural performance

Panel consistency

Environmentally friendly


Please contact us for further information regarding Hyplex!



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