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Pacifire-Litewood   FD30 Doorblanks.

Fire resistant, solid timber core doorblanks, tested in accordance with BS476: Part 22: 1987.





Manufactured using versatile FLEGT certified, environmentally sourced hardwoods. Pacifire-Litewood doorblanks offer the properties of hardwood but with an average low density of 320kg/m3 (based on door size: 2135 x 915 x 44mm). Pacifire doorblanks weigh less than 28kgs per door.

Solid Timber

Maximum strength to weight capabilities, stability and machinability.

Low moisture retention & minimum swelling.

These are features that make solid timber the perfect medium. Pacifire-Litewood has screw holding properties superior to most softwood, medium density fibreboard (MDF), chipboard and hollow core options. Ensuring low maintenance in high use areas.


Pacifire doorblanks are engineered using a balanced mix of litewood lamels and veneers. Finger jointed lamels are continuously edge glued, ensuing there are no gaps. Small engineered multidirectional components ensure stability and negate the need for stiles and rails. Applied veneers to the face & back, help mask the engineered core and allow for further processing, without compromising the integrity of the doorblank.

Multiple Surface Applications

Pacifire doorblanks are available with a variety of surface finishes:

Natural veneer (Hardwood & Softwood)

Fancy veneer


Medium Density Overlay (MDO)

CP Laminate


All raw materials are fully sustainable and legally certified (FLEGT). Products meet the criteria required within the United Kingdom Timber Regulations (UKTR). Users can be assured of the environmental credentials of Pacifire-Litewood doorblanks, as well as continuity of supply.

Technical Data

Pacifire-Litewood    FD30 Doorblanks are tested in accordance with BS476:part 22:1987, Global Fire Resistance Assessment, by International Fire Consultants Ltd, report No: PAR/16553/01 Revision A, Valid until: June 2027. (Click on PDF's below).


- Suitable for internal and external use (subject to treatment)

- Unlipped  door blanks ready for further processing

- Can be sized without restriction

- FSC certified doors available


FD30 Edge Core
Hardwood Pacifire FD30
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